Let me help you start to develop a personal style. I can offer you the up most of services. Book a consultation today!
— Vara Ayanna, Stylist
 Full custom look designed & Created - and art directed by V. A !

Full custom look designed & Created - and art directed by V. A !



Need to work on your personal image, dont know what your personal "look" or style is ? Let me help you develop a style & brand image that is all your own! Professional, cute, quirky, - You name it - Let me give you a style all your own! Book a c consultation today !


Need to streamline all of your social media platforms? Want to start developing your online brand ? Book a consultation today! 


Need a look for a date tonight? Can't find that perfect suit & tie match ? Looking for something to wear for Coachella or just want to go on a shopping spree? Book a consultation and let's get you styled out for your special occasion or life change!


Are you on the verge of stardom & want to find your perfect look? Need to pull some looks for an award show? Don’t know what to wear for any event ever in life?  Want just get some ideas on what fits you & start to develop a personal style ? I can offer you the up most of services. Book a consultation today!”


Don't have a concept for your photo-shoot ? Don't know who's doing your hair & make up? Don't know what style idea's to do for your next music video? Let me do the organizing, having been on over 500 shoots & productions I can offer you the up most of creative direction & styling services - with ideas that knock the socks off of the competition! 


Can't seem to throw out that sweater aunt Lulu bought you on your 16th birthday ? Want to take your old clothes to a consignment shop and get some new clothes with the money they give you ? (I.E: Buffalo Exchange, Plato's closet, Rocket resale.?) I can help you shop till you drop, get lots of bang for your buck & throw out the old and get in with the NEW! 


As a stylist for many productions - I can get you & your team on the right style track! Offering full creative direction of clothing, hair and/or make up looks as well as a wide range of new & vintage eclectic pieces for you to pull from - A wide knowledge of vintage, what stores to shop at in any city, and a range of stores for personal styling pulls I am confident I can get you & your team an eclectic look to fit any idea. Book a consultation to get an amazing look for your music video, photo-shoot or professional big screen production today! 


Have a design in mind that you want to make ? Don't know where to start ? Let me help you out! Book a consultation with me today!


Want to mess up an old jean jacket but not sure of how too? Need to cut up your moms old wedding dress but don't want to mess it up?  Need some ideas? I can help you out! I have worked with a wide range of dyeing, reconstruction and manipulation of clothing. Book a consultation and lets get started on your project!


Interested in re - vamping your social media ? Don't know what posts to keep or what posts to delete? - Need clarity on what direction ton take your personal brand? Book a consultation today! 


Need help gaining followers on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter/ You-Tube etc.? Let me help you grow your social media following!